Get The Most Out of The Zoo!

We have a lot of visitors that come to the zoo and zip out pretty quickly.

Just because we are a small zoo does not mean we do not have a lot to offer!

And just because you have been here before does not mean you can't get a different experience every time you visit.

To get the most out of your visit we suggest:

  1. Come early. We open at 10 am, and that is the best time to see the animals being active, the bears and raccoons will be out eating breakfast and some of the other animals will be engaging with their daily enrichment (toys, treats etc.).

  2. Check in with the gift shop for any special events or announcement. On weekends, for example, we may have duck feeding or the petting zoo open, so make sure to call ahead and see what is going on! Call (209) 725-3337.

  3. While you are observing the animals you may see a zookeeper working, if you have not already, engage with us! We would love to tell you the rescue stories of our animals, answer any questions and tell you fun facts about our residents.

  4. Enrichment observation. Ever wondered what our animals do during the day? Many of our animals, including our monkeys, bears, raccoons, coyote and bobcats, receive specialized enrichment on a daily basis! Enrichment aims to stimulate animals in a variety of ways through things like new scents, novel foods, toys and more. Some of the more common enrichment we set up inludes: cardboard boxes (used for hiding, playing, etc.), hiding food (to encourage foraging), plastic barrels (to hide treats) and more. Stop at each exhibit and try to guess enrichment for the day, or better yet, come in at 10 am when we first set it up and watch it in action. You can also ask any zookeeper about our daily enrichment or enrichment program.

  5. Behind the Scenes Tour. This tour is a completely new way to see the zoo! Lead by one of our head zookeepers, the tour will take you up close and personal with our animals. You may even have the chance to feed some of our raccoons and bears! Only $12.50 per person, minimum of 2 per group. Schedule your tour at this number: 209-628-7999.

  6. Volunteer. If you have done everything else on the list and want to experience the zoo like never before, volunteering is the next step. As a volunteer, you get to work directly with our animals and do almost everything we zookeepers do! Make diets, set up enrichment, clean grounds, etc. It may be hard work at times, but is all worth it when the animals respond to your voice and chatter to you as you walk by! Volunteer applications are available in the gift shop or you can contact us to email you one directly: